About Us

Pets Paraphernalia was started by Ingrid Fuchs eight years ago.

She has built this very successful business around the needs of her client base.

She will go out of her way to get the products that are needed and is always available to offer advice.  She is constantly keeping abreast of new technologies and products. She also

has her own brand name, MS, manufacturing

her own dog blankets, jackets, pajamas, beds, collars,

leads and harnesses, also specialising in large breed dog paraphernalia. She couriers products all over the country, to accommodate all her customers.

Ingrid is a strong animal activist and is involved with many shelters and animal care organisations, who she sponsors on a regular basis, with food, blankets, and other necessities to help animals. Ingrid is also a member of Ban Animal Trading and does not sell any animals in the store.

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